So Priviledged

In two years at Union, I have taken for granted my education and experiences here. I know that this is a great place, but I never really saw what made it so great. This week, my eyes were opened to the sheer excellence of this place called Union University.

On Wednesday night, I represented the College Republicans at Senate with our special guest, President David S. Dockery. We like to call those nights “DSD Senate.” Dr. Dockery took the stand and gave about 100  students a glimpse of where the university has been and where it is going. He unveiled a new item called Illuminating Minds: Union 2015 which is our newest vision campaign. I can’t tell you everything we saw (mostly because I can’t remember!), but it’s good stuff! He also showed us where our tuition money actually goes and broke down by percentages what goes where. He then compared us to Christian colleges around the country who put too much of an emphasis on one thing and not enough on the other. He said that Union has the perfect mix of the two and we are very blessed to be where we are in the life of post-secondary education. But the highlight of the night was the surprise of free housing during Winter Term 2013! I’m pretty excited 🙂

Then on Thursday, I went to my World Literature class with Dr. Gene Fant. We are studying Dido & Aeneas by Virgil, an ancient Greek. A theme he kept reiterating was that “politicians cannot let passions get in the way of what needs to be done.” Aeneas, being a great ruler, had a massive decision to make. One decision was influenced by passions, the other by society. Because he made the decision he did, he went to found Rome, and yes I mean, ROME, ITALY. We all know the stories of Rome. Dr. Fant used this illustration, plus one of his own, to let us know that we all will have an “Aeneas moment” at least once in our lifetime; a moment when the decision we make, however small we think it is, could affect the rest of our lives for the good or the better. It was incredible.

Then I went to the groundbreaking ceremony for our new library that should be completed before I graduate in 2015. It was a time of reflection and celebration. Dr. Dockery wasn’t hesitant to give God the glory for all He has done on this campus. We prayed, we read Scripture, we sang, and we dug. An awesome ceremony.

And then today, I got to see the value of my profs on a student-professor relationship basis. I had an issue that had been bothering me and I was able to go to one of my professors, discuss it with him, and come out happy. The professors listen intently, authentically caring about what you are saying, and then offer input. And the cool part is though you may not like what they say, you see the value of it and end up agreeing with them. They are stupendous.

Now you see why I love this place so much?


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