Easter Weekend

What a great weekend I had! On Good Friday, I attended my first Holy Week service at First United Methodist Church in Adamsville where Pastor Toni Watson brought the message. It was a very reverent time of worship that really got the Easter spirit ignited in me. Pastor Toni is such a nice lady with one of the sweetest spirits I’ve ever seen. That night was a real treat…DATE NIGHT! Those are my favorites! Kat and I went to the newly re-opened Saw Meal, Redbox-ed a movie, and relaxed. It was nice 🙂

The following day, I mowed Grandmother’s yard and then spent the afternoon with Kathryn’s grandparents, cousins, and aunts. Such sweet people, they were! Of course, if you know me, you know I can pretty much make friends with anyone and meeting new people is no big ordeal for me. I’ll do my best to fit right in! The rest of the evening? Relaxation 🙂


This particular Easter Sunday was a very special special one for me. It was the first Easter I have experienced in ministry. I was blessed to be able to lead worship at the sunrise service at the COGOP in Adamsville. It has been years since I’ve gone to a sunrise service and I like getting back in the tradition. To those who say it’s too early…Jesus got up FROM THE DEAD before the sun was even up. You think you can pull yourself up FROM SLEEP once a year? Just a thought.

My praise team scored big this Sunday as well! We introduced two brand new worship songs and they were AMAZING! Our congregational was “Do It Lord” and the special was “Jesus Saves.” Did you catch that both are Travis Cottrell songs? He has made it big in Adamsville! We’ve learned two and we’re working on the third! They are so eager to learn new things and work hard each Sunday. I’m very blessed to have the praise team that I have. YOU ALL ROCK!!

On Sunday night, I visited a little ole country church near my house called Calvary Baptist Church. My Mimi and Grampy go here and they asked if I would come that night. It’s so nice seeing all those people from my community that are so dear to my heart.

So, to sum it all up, it was one blessed Resurrection Weekend 🙂


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