AMTC Launch Weekend Take 2!

Although spring break is technically supposed to be a restful time, it was quite the opposite for me! I spent half the week in Tennessee and half the week in Georgia with the family. It was so good to go back for a few days after not being there for two months. But the highlight of the week was the LAUNCH Weekend in Marietta.

I did this same weekend for AMTC back in September. I wasn’t required to go, but I did anyway just because. I could have skipped out on this particular one, but I felt like I could possibly improve my skills. And improve I did! My modeling coach remembered me and was so impressed with my memory that I actually got to coach half the performers in a mini-modeling session! I felt so professional! After that, I got approved to do the Improv showcase in Orlando! This was a big step for me since I didn’t get approved in September. Improv is just what it sounds like. You are a given a subject and you have to immediately begin telling a story or something of that nature about that subject. My two were “awkward silence” and then “bearded dragon.” My coach and fellow performers loved it! The coach actually told them to learn from me!

After that, I went to commercial advertising and did a cold read for the group. I had 20 commercials to pick from. What did I pick, you ask? MASCARA. Oh yes I did. Not because I know anything about it. I picked it and performed the commercial in a woman’s tone to show that I can be versatile. The group and coach loved it. She didn’t even offer tips because she said I did so well!

The next day involved On-Camera technique, VIP interviews (much better than last time), TV Presenting (reading TelePrompTers), and commerical runway modeling (no speaking, just poses). This day was a little more tiresome because it involved more lecture than interaction. But I still learned a lot and it makes me even more excited for SHINE this summer!

And now I’m back on campus trying to get back in the swing of things. Monday was nice, but today has been a bit of a drag since I was reminded that I am actually in school. But summer is just around the corner and I have some big plans for that!


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