On the Verge

As I type this, I am less than 13 hours away from spring break. Most of my profs have either given me a test or something similar in preparation for it. I suppose they want to make me appreciate spring break more by overloading me. However, the week hasn’t been as bad as I thought it would be (probably due to the FABULOUS weather 🙂

I had a music theory presentation on Monday morning which went very well. I played for the first time in repertoire class on Tuesday and that was a major load off my back. On Wednesday, I had a listening quiz in Music Literature which I made a 90 or 95 on and I had to completely memorize one piece and half of another for my applied music instructor. Today, I had another quiz in Music Lit (not so good) and a quiz in World Lit 1 over Beowulf (105 baby!). Once that was over with, I was home-free. Two classes were canceled today and one class is canceled tomorrow. I’m going to the 9:00 section of my noon class so I can bust out of here before eleven, Lord-willing. Whew! Spring break sounds mighty fine at this point!

I’m working with my praise team at church on two Travis Cottrell songs from his “Jesus Saves Live” book. We’re hoping to premiere them on Easter Sunday with “Jesus Saves” as our special. They are so hard-working and very eager to learn new songs. I just love working with them!

I’m SUPER DUPER excited to hang out with Quinten and Natalie this weekend! They are coming on Friday evening and we’re gonna party like it’s nobody’s business at the house! It always seems we have more fun when the parentals are absent…Anyhow, Mama is coming the first half of next week so I’ll be spending half of my spring break in the Ville, and the other half in Georgia. Which is perfect because I have more AMTC training next weekend, followed by a photo shoot the weekend after! Ah, the life of a celebrity 🙂

I pretty much gave up my Facebook fast because I was getting invited to events and missing them because I wasn’t using Facebook. Plus, FB is the main communication for several people I associate with back in GA so it’s a big hindrance when I’m not communicating. Mama is pretty excited about this because she’ll know what’s going on in my life again!

By the next post, I’ll probably be in Georgia taking it easy. Enjoy this warm weather while it’s still here!


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