Former policies? Or bad decisions?

In the midst of election season, I have to make a statement not by my fellow Republicans, but by our “wonderful” president. I’ve heard him mention numerous times in speeches, especially the State of the Union, that “we will not go back to the policies that got us into this mess we are in now.” I’ve heard just about all I can hear of that stupid excuse.

Did President Obama get us into the this mess we’re in? Initially, no. But he has made some pretty big contributions. Did President Bush get us into it then? Again, initially, no. He made some contributions. The same goes for President Clinton. I’m sick of these presidents blaming their predecessor for the state the country is in so that they may avoid the finger-pointing. It’s not the presidents’ faults entirely. In fact, only a small fraction is the presidents’ fault.

The problem is Americans being stupid and greedy. Yes, I’m calling my fellow countrymen stupid, idiotic, and greedy. No one wants to work for anything anymore. They are not willing to put forth effort to get something in life. They want it handed over to them. The housing market is a mess because men and women who only make $30,000 are wanting to buy $400,000+ houses. The banks make it look good by not requiring a good credit score or sometimes even a down-payment! When the bills come around though, the homebuyers can’t pay for it. That leads to foreclosure. That leads to a reduction in spending on other things. That leads to businesses closing. That leads to an economic crisis.

It’s not all the federal government’s fault. And a new president is not going to fix it overnight, so don’t expect it. It’s our fault. And we’ve got put the big-boy breeches and the big-girl panties on and realize that sometimes, WE’RE IN THE WRONG.



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