Christian Wussies

In my lifetime, I’ve observed a lot of people hating on Christians. People like the ACLU, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, atheists, apatheists, Bill Maher, and then just individuals. Naturally, this bothers me. BUT! This does not bother me near as much as the Christians who simply let it go. Here’s what I have to say about it.

I am sick and tired of Christians being wussies. It’s just despicable. We have allowed ourselves to be trampled on time and time and time again by people who simply want to tear us down. I have heard “the great generation” tell of how Christians and evangelicals used to stand up for what was morally right in the world instead of letting what they knew was wrong happen. Now look where we are. We have these little, passive, wimpy Christians who have the, “Oh, it’s alright; not everyone believes like we do” attitude about them. That makes me sick. It’s true, not everyone believes like we do. But since this country was founded by men and women who were looking for a place to worship Jehovah God (in or out of a church building) freely without being ridiculed by outsiders, I think it ought to remain that way.

You may say, “Well, that violates the First Amendment by forcing a religion upon others.” Look, unless the government or anyone else says you HAVE to worship Jehovah God or you HAVE to attend church services on Sunday or you HAVE to pray to the God of Abraham during a ballgame, we haven’t violated any kind of First Amendment. Answer me this: does looking at a monument of the Ten Commandments or maybe a prayer banner at a high school change your religion or make you feel forced into worshiping the God I serve? If not, then SHUT. UP. ABOUT. IT. Geez!

Christians, I am calling on you to get off your blessed assurance that has simply warmed a church pew for many years and do what you’re supposed to do. Don’t let the world trample over Christianity like weeds in a garden. We’re better than that. And people need to know it.


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