“How was your first day of classes?”

Now here’s a question I’ve answered many times today. Almost as many times as I’ve answered the question, “How was your break?” But if it’s coming from Union students and faculty that I’ve missed oh so much, I’ll answer it as many times as I need to. It was fantastic to reunite with them yesterday and today.

It is so good to be back here at Union. I moved in yesterday and Tucker, my roommate, played “welcome Back” on the stereo as I walked in. Now that made me feel missed! Will came later and we all had a reunion moment. To celebrate our return, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch Tennessee get beat by Kentucky. Today was an easy day. No class til noon and finished at three. Now, tomorrow and Thursday will be a bit rougher, with the day starting at 8:30 and not ending til 5. But two days of a packed schedule with three days of rest is better than the opposite.

The weather has been absolutely fantastic since last Saturday. Lovely temperatures and sunshine each day. Today was perfect to start the new semester. I love the spring semester so much more than fall. Maybe it’s because I have warm weather to look forward to at the end of it…

On an exciting note, I found out a few weeks ago that I’ll be able to act in AiM’s musical this summer, Into the Woods! I’m so excited that I’ll get to return to the stage again with all my theatre family members. And as if that’s not good enough, AiM will be in our new home, the Latta visitors and Cultural Arts Center in downtown Selmer! This has been in the works for about nine years and it’s so good to finally get it. Please support the arts in your community and abroad. The arts are so vital to the cultural knowledge of our world.



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