Friends of John “Papa Swan” Simmons

Throughout high school, I had an incredible piano teacher. However, Bro. John was more than a teacher. He was a second father, friend, inspiration, mentor, and comforter. He was the first one I would call when excitig things would happen. Piano lessons on Mondays at 4:30 made Mondays less manic. Inside jokes about swans and Looney Toons and Hardin County made my piano lessons more than just instructional, but personal. I could have taken from a distinguished university piano professor if I wanted to. But I didn’t. I wanted to take from Bro. John and no one else. I wouldn’t trade my training for anything in the world.

In late December, Papa Swan was admitted to the hospital with kidney failure, mainly due to Type II diabetes. After a few days, he was sent home and endures regular dialysis. A kidney transplant is very likely in the future. This absolutely crushed me. How could this man who has invested in so many lives in a positive way be stricken by this? It just doesn’t seem right! But God has a purpose for everything, although I may not see it at this point.

Because of this turn of events, Bro. John has had to halt his career of teaching music and repairing pianos. These two jobs were his only source of income, other than his wife, Cindy “Mama Swan” who works at SCA. A friend of Bro. John’s has set up a fundraiser called “Friends of John Simmons” so that others might help him in his medical expenses and regular bills. I’ve attached the link at the bottom. Whether you know Papa Swan or not, please donate to this fund. He and Mama Swan need your help so bad and they would be eternally grateful for any help they can receive. If you are unable give financially, please place he and Cindy on your prayer list and continue to pray for them. Thank you all so much!


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