Back in Georgia

After a grueling week of finals, two days of rest, a double-date at the Nutcracker, Christmas at Englewood, patience while the car was getting fixed, and the Adamsville Christmas Parade, I AM FINALLY HOME.

The week of finals was complete insanity as usual. Grades are good and I’m safe for another semester 🙂

After finals, I had two days of resting. I did use those days to go visit some old friends and teachers at the high school. I visited the band on Thursday and Coach Mac was pretty insistent that I visit him as well so I showed up again on Friday! It’s always good to go back and make sure things are still okay since you’re not there anymore.

Friday night was a treat. For about 4 years, I have been telling my sweet friend Kayci Henline that I was going to take her on a date someday. Well, I am finally free of that debt. Along with Kelsey Young and her new man Robert, we all headed to Jackson Friday night to see the Nutcracker put on by Ballet Arts Jackson. This was a speecial performance because it featured a live orchestra conducted by Dr. Chris Mathews (chair of the music department at Union). I knew half the orchestra down there! During intermission, I went to speak with my band director from UU who was one of the percussionists. While speaking with him, he pretty much told me to get my group and come sit in the front row since NO ONE was sitting there! So we did for the entire second act! We felt like VIPs! The show was awesome!




Then came Saturday night! It was my first time to participate with the Englewood Choir for Christmas at Englewood. And it was AMAZING! We recruited some instrumentalists from Bethel University (we have two Bethel music faculty members in the choir) and around Jackson. We had an expanded orchestra with a 200-voice choir and that makes for an unbelievable time of worship! And what’s even better is that I had a whole posse come out to support me! I had my family, the Martindales, and Kathryn Feathers and her mother, Cindy. It was awesome 🙂

On Sunday night, Kathryn and I went to Sharon Baptist Church’s Christmas show and it was so good. This was their first program in their new building and although it was much different from the Living Christmas Tree they’d done in the past, it was still really, really good.

Monday night came with a trip to downtown Adamsville with Kathryn to watch the annual Christmas parade. Although it was disappointing to see such a small parade (no thanks to Savannah having to have their’s on the same night), just being there reminded me of why I love Adamsville so much 🙂

And now I’m here for two weeks until the trek back home to Adamsville for Christmas!


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