Snow and Saw Meal

For the first time in my life, I saw SNOW in November! That’s right folks! Snow! It had been in the forecast for several days and by 1:30 on Monday, snowflakes by the millions were falling from the sky! It was very short-lived and wasn’t enough for a big snow party, but it was still fun to watch. In band (the class I was in when it started), we were planning on playing the Sussex Christmas Carol last. However, since the snow started falling, Mr. Mann changed up the schedule a little and we finished off rehearsal with a rousing edition of “Sleigh Ride!” Playing that song just made everybody smile a little bit 🙂

On a sad note, a large piece of Adamsville’s heart was torn out the same night. Around 11:00, our beloved Saw Meal Restaurant caught fire along with The Academy Dance Studio and both were totally destroyed. The only thing that remains of both are the front walls. While the Saw Meal is only a building and restaurant to some, it’s so much more than that to the people of Adamsville and McNairy County. This was a very historical building that housed many businesses over the years, including Pusser’s Restaurant back in the days of my childhood. While we don’t know where to go from here, I know my small hometown will come together and find renewal in the midst of this terrible tragedy. Please pray for my town and especially for those who were employees that now have no jobs, especially this close to Christmas.


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