Happy Thanksgiving!

I had an absolutely WONDERFUL Thanksgiving break. The family came up to Adamsville and we even got to stay in Mud Creek over the holiday! Between Wednesday and Saturday, we stuffed ourselves thanks to FIVE Thanksgiving meals! Yeah, quite a lot I know.

On Friday morning, Quinten, Natalie, and myself headed up to Jackson to help Nana pick out her Christmas tree. My cousin Jill and I started a tradition several years ago that lets one grandkid pick out the Christmas tree that year. Jill, being the oldest, started it off and it has kept going ever since. This year, Natalie picked it out and I thought she did rather well 🙂


We also learned a new craft…wreath-making! One of the owners began making a wreath out of loose Christmas tree branches and each grandkid took part in making it. Nana bought it and now it’s hanging on her front door.

The best part was definitely Friday night. I picked up Kathryn Feathers and the two of us headed to our lovely alma mater for the state semi-finals game between Adamsville and the Dresden Lions. Despite a losing score, Kathryn and I got to see so many people we went to high school with. It’s always great to come back home to see what made you the person you are today. After the game, Kathryn and I joined Kristina, Stephanie, Jake, Colton, and a host of others for food and a good time at Taco Bell. We went to Stephanie’s afterwards for just a little bit. It’s so good to see these people when I get to come HOME.



Staying in Mud Creek was so nice. We stayed in my grandmother’s old house since our house is being leased at the moment. I have so many memories of that house from when I was younger. Going back there and starting a fire in the fireplace took me back to the days of my childhood and I got all sentimental. It was definitely a HAPPY thanksgiving.





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