Community Thanksgiving in Jackson

Having lived in Adamsville all my life,  I’ve always been a part of community Thanksgiving church services in November. In other words, all the churches in the community gather together in one church for a time of thanksgiving to our great God. This has always been a favorite pastime of my growing up years. It’s a time where Christians can lay aside our denominational nametags and come together for true corporate worship to our more than deserving God.

Being in big city Jackson the Sunday before Thanksgiving, I was sure that community Thanksgiving services were pretty much non-existent. You can imagine my excitement when I saw Englewood’s bulletin advertising the community Thanksgiving service going on tonight at Northside United Methodist Church! It made me feel at home again and so I brought Will along and we took off.

I have no doubt that it was one of the best church services I’ve been too in quite some time. Our worship was truly a “blended service.” We sang a hymn, a praise & worship song, a gospel song, and a southern gospel song. We were led in worship by the musicians of NUMC and the Tigrett Middle School Gospel Choir. And let me tell you, those kids were GOOD. We had several denominations represented there tonight including the Baptists, Methodists, Churches of Christ, the black churches, Catholics, Anglicans, and the nondenominationals. And we all enjoyed each other no matter the other’s denomination. Father Chuck Filiatrau of All Saints Anglican Church gave the prayer of Thanksgiving and it was absolutely beautiful. Pastor James Christoferson of Evangelical Community Church gave the message. His point revolved around the idea that true thanksgiving is the giving of ourselves so that others may give thanks. It was an absolutely amazing time of worship and we all worshiped in our ways, whether by standing up, raising our hands, verbally acclaiming praise to the Father, or simply the closing of eyes and sincere awe. I saw the family of God truly come together tonight to accomplish what we all know is important…to give sincere thanks to our God and King.


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