Who called a 3-peat? ADAMSVILLE DID!

Oh you can bet you read it right! For the third year in a row, Adamsville not only reclaimed the state championship, they broke the record for the THIRD time for the highest score in Division 1 history with a 95.24!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

As mentioned in my previous post, I made a full weekend out of this trip. On Friday evening, Jessica showed up and we took off to Nashville, dropped her off at Kailyn’s dorm, and then I went on to Jill’s in Murfreesboro to get rested up for the full day to follow.

Saturday started around 10:15 when I got to Riverdale High School. I wanted to get my money’s worth (since I had to pay $12 for the whole day). Alumni from the past and band parents from the present (and past as well!) slowly filed in as the day moved on. All the Adamsville fans huddled together just under the press box on the 50-yard line (our usual spot) so everyone else could know where we were! Kailyn, Hunter, and Jessica showed up around 1:15 in time to see Halls and Cascade and around 4:00, we headed out to watch our awesome band kids warm up (one of our favorite pastimes).

Fundamentals Block makes a world of difference!

Me and my baby Kelsey. I’m so proud of her!

I never thought I would see the day when the Old Man would tell us to take a picture with him! He was in the best mood all day!

They performed so well in prelims. Normally, our band has a rough prelims run and a great finals run. This year was a bit different…

The band performed a great show in preliminary competition that was good enough to secure a spot in finals. We drew a GREAT number for performance order…#9 at 9:00. I saw that as a bit of good luck. When the dinner break came after announcement of finals, Hunter, Kailyn, Hannah, and myself went off-campus to get some dinner and pick up spirit paint. We got back in time to see Cascade perform second. Then, the spirit paint was properly applied…

Then came the magic moment. The AHS Band took the field for the final time in 2011. Remember how I mentioned that we normally have a rough prelim run and a great finals run? Do you also remember that they had a great prelim run and that this year was a little different? It was.

Not only did they have a great prelims run, but they had a PHENOMENAL finals run! The absolute best I have ever seen them perform in my life! The music was great, the marching was great, the narration and props were great, and all of that came together to make one fantastic show. There were about 10 letterman jackets (plus some fans without jackets) in the stands among all of the Adamsville fans. That just goes to show how important this band is to its alumni. We had TONS of fans hollering and cheering for this wonderful ensemble and its directors. Whether they won or not, we were proud. But since they did win, we cheered even louder!


All 1’s in preliminary ratings (the only band to do so!)

Best Soloist-Darby Congiardo (prelims)

5th Place Field Commander (prelims)

1st Place Guard (prelims)

1st Place Percussion (prelims)

1st Place Band (prelims)

Best Soloist-Darby Congiardo (finals)                                         *2001 was the last time an AHS Band member won best soloist*

2nd Place Field Commander (finals)

1st Place Percussion (finals)

1st Place Guard (finals)

1ST PLACE BAND WITH A RECORD SCORE OF 95.24!!!!!!! (finals)

These three band members hold a special place in my heart. With Saturday’s win, they became the only band members in the history of the AHS Band to win FOUR state championships. Why is this so special? Well, each of them won their first state championship when they played in the front ensemble with me. I’ve been with them each time they’ve won (2 as a member, 2 as an alumnus).

And finally, a special recognition to my favorite band member (and might-as-well-be sister) in the history of forever, Kelsey Young. I’ve never told this publicly, but she beat me twice in my days of drum major tryouts. After these last few years, I’ve never been so excited to lose something in my life. She has been a better and more successful drum major than I could have ever hoped to have been. From the little shy girl in front ensemble to the drum major for the Spirit of Atlanta. I LOVE YOU TO DEATH BABY GIRL!


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