State Week 2011

It’s that time again everybody. State Week!

This is the week leading up to the Division 1 State Marching Band Championship in Murfreesboro. Naturally, Adamsville will be attending for their 18th appearance. Here are some stats from last year:

  • In Preliminary competition: Superior ratings in all captions, 2nd place in music and visual, 1st place guard, 3rd place percussion, 2nd place field commander, 2nd place band
  • In Finals competition: 1st place music, 2nd place visual, 2nd place percussion, 4th place guard, 2nd place field commander, 1ST PLACE BAND!!

I have been waiting on this week the whole season. Why, it’s so important, that I’ve made a weekend out of it. My wonderful cousin Jill is graciously allowing me to stay in her apartment Friday-Sunday. She’s the best! I’m getting to share the ride up to Nashville/Murfreesboro with my lovely friend Jessica Terry (possibly one of the best parts)! I’m also getting to see countless alumni from years past who all show up (in their letterman jackets) to support their alma mater!

The band has done so well this season, capturing all sorts of awards from around West Tennessee. I know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, they will perform their hearts out on Saturday.

And one big shoutout to my girls Kayci, Cayla, and Kelsey. This will be their last show with the AHS band. I’ve watched these girls grow up since 2006 and they have become fantastic musicians and leaders. They are terrific examples to the younger members and OLDER alumni of the band. I’m so proud of them! I know they will succeed in whatever they choose to do!


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