Best Friend Time :)

I know that I talk about my best friend Miranda a lot. Maybe some of you get tired of hearing about her. But you know what? She’s my best friend and I’m gonna keep talking about her!

Yesterday, her and I got to spend time together at the Huntingdon Invitational band competition. This is the first time we’ve seen each other since the end of July. You can imagine that we were suffering some severe withdrawal. The continuous “I miss yous” were getting to us and we decided that something must be done. It just so happened that her alma mater (Hardin County) and my alma mater (Adamsville) were competing at the same competition. We see that as a resource for best friend time!

And may I say that we had a blast! The weather was perfect. Both our bands did so well. When the cold settled in, we just bundled up in hoodies, coats, and blankets! I just love this girl to death and cherish EVERY moment we spend together. She’s my best friend and everything that I could ever want in a best friend, she is. I’m so blessed 🙂


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