For the Undecided…

For the sheltered souls that are oblivious to the following fact, I am crazy about politics (Republican mainly since I am one). I am on Fox News daily and I keep my family updated on the stats of each election that matters most to us. In fact, during the most recent gubernatorial election in Tennessee, I persuaded my grandmother to change the candidate she would vote for and he won! Not to say my choice will always win, but that’s just how close I follow them. I said that to say this.

I’ve seen a lot of people that really can’t make up their mind on who to choose in the GOP primaries coming up in January (or December if NH and Nevada get their way). They like this about so-and-so, but not that. There are currently 9 candidates for the Republican nomination for president in 2012. I’ve studied up on every one of them and I’ve made my choice. For those that can’t make up their mind, I hope this will do it for you.

Herman Cain.

Tennessee native. Georgia resident. Non-politician. Businessman. Associate Baptist minister. Gospel singer. The man has never held public office. He makes that well-known and calls himself a “problem-solver.” I’ve heard others call him a “peopletician.”  Why would I vote for a man for the highest office in the country if he’s never been in politics??

Well, for starters, I can relate to him better than any other candidate. He speaks his mind. He’s not afraid of offending people if it means getting the right thing done. He’s politically incorrect. He already has an economic growth plan out (9-9-9 Economic Growth Plan)that many have done the math for and have seen its worth. He answers debate questions that are asked and doesn’t beat around the bush. He does minimal mudslinging unlike Rick Perry and Mitt Romney who are constantly at each other’s throats. He received no mudslinging until he started surging in the polls, scaring Mitt Romney to death (hence the mudslinging). He supprts Israel (any candidate that doesn’t has a death wish). And my favorite…he talks to people individually. Yes he hosts rallies and gives speeches. But the reason he is making so much gain is because he is talking to people as a person-to-person rather than from a campaign rally standpoint. He has views that line up with my Christian beliefs and political standpoints. He’s the real deal.

I encourage you to study up on each candidate and get their standpoints. There are some candidates that I trust will stand by their views and some that I don’t. I trust Herman Cain and I hope you will do the same.


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