A Tribute to the Adamsville Band

I was so proud to be a graduate of Adamsville High School this past Saturday (and every day)!

My awesome little high school band traveled from the bottom of the state to the top of the state to compete at Austin Peay State University this weekend in Clarksville. This is one of my favorite competitions and because Union didn’t pay me last month, I couldn’t go 😦 Therefore, I used text messaging to get the updates.

They competed early in the morning and made it into finals. After performing at 8:45, I got a text from Kailyn Lovelace at 9:42 that said “Goodpasture 8th. Trigg County 7th. Harpeth 6th. Independence 5th. Page 4th. Clarksville 3rd. Houston 2nd. Adamsville 1st!!!!”

That’s right! They won the whole shabang! Here’s some info on the bands that little ol’ Adamsville beat…Page won the Division II State Championship 7 years in a row up until last year. Houston is a band of 260 members and scores in the top 3 every year at The Bandmaster’s Championship in Memphis. Now don’t you tell me that little people (58 members) can’t do big things!

They are phenomenal. The band program is the best thing going at Adamsville High School. It’s really no wonder we have won the state championship 6 times in the last twelve years. And we might make that 7 in the last 13 if we keep truckin’ like we are…Do notice that I keep saying “we.” You can be on a sports team. But you are IN the band. For life.

Way to go guys. I’m so proud of you!


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