The First Month of the Second Year

Well, the first month of my sophomore year has come and gone. And swiftly at that! It’s been a great semester thus far and the remainder of said semester looks bright!

I enjoy 87.5% of my classes (1 out of 8). That sole one is my chemistry lab. Not. Fun. At. All. See, what had happened was…I signed up for CHE-111 (the chemistry for science majors) rather than CHE-105 because the latter had filled up right away. My goal was to get out of White Hall as soon as possible. So, I signed up for it. The lecture isn’t too bad. But my lab is from 2-5 on Wednesdays (first problem) and my instructor isn’t the most courteous person on campus. Oh well, at least it only occurs once a week.

I LOVE my music classes! Music theory can be a little tedious at times, but my classmates are great and my professor is great too. Ear Training & Sight Singing (theory lab) is taught by our newest faculty member, Mike Mann, who also teaches Symphonic Band. He’s a fantastic professor who cares deeply for his students. Currently, he is in Jerusalem conducting the Festival of Tabernacles Orchestra for the International Christian Embassy in Israel. He told us that before he leaves Union, he will have taken the entire Instrumental and Vocal departments on a tour of the Holy Land. I’M. ECSTATIC.

My history class started out dull. My professor tells pretty corny jokes every class period and they can get monotonous. BUT! Last Friday changed all of that! Many of you know of my orange Tennessee Vols fake-Chucks. Well, I wore them last Friday and my professor, who is originally from Minnesota, had a ball (ha, punny!) with them. He talked about them so much and even used part of his lecture as a reference to UT. He still talks about them at every class meeting and somehow makes a reference to them in every lecture.

I miss a lot of my high school friends this semester. Normally, high school friends tend to hang out over the summer, but that didn’t happen in my case 😦 It’s hard being a college student living in a state from which you didn’t graduate high school. I didn’t see ANYONE I graduated with this past summer and I miss them so much. But today, my sweet Samantha Browder sent me a card in the mail with the sweetest message on it. No special occasion, just a note to say she misses me, thinking about me, and loves me 🙂

That’s about it for now. Check in later for another update and thanks for reading!


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