AMTC’s Direct Education Weekend

So, I wasn’t planning on going back to Georgia until fall break, right? Right. I went back on Labor Day weekend and decided to stay here in Jackson for a little while (as in a month). Well, last Monday changed all of that.

If you have been keeping up with my AMTC journey, you know that I have a training program called the Bridge. With Bridge comes a Direct Education Weekend (DEW). This is 14 hours of intense group training for SHINE. Well, I got the email on September 12 that my DEW was scheduled for September 17-18 in Atlanta. Plenty of notice, I know. But all went well 🙂

For me, DEW included sessions for acting and modeling and also practice for my photo shoot. I had coaching for photography runway, scene read, on camera, film audition, improv, flash interviews, TV presenter, and photo shoot. It was so much fun! My personal favorite was the TV Presenter session where I read off a TelePromTer and got to be myself. My coach loved me!  And the best part was that I met so many new people! Now, those of you that know me well know that I love nothing more than meeting new people 🙂

And what’s left? A tired, exhausted, energy-drained Logan with more information than his little head can contain right now. But, now I have a break until spring. Praise God!


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