Holding On Through the Rain

As I was driving back to Union Sunday, it rained 4 of the 5 hours that it takes to get here. I was complaining the whole way about how the rain was hindering my driving and all that jazz…that is, until I got to Corinth.

Not only did I see a rainbow. No. For the first time in my life, I saw a COMPLETE DOUBLE RAINBOW!!! I was so excited! Now, I’m sure it probably isn’t the safest thing to take pictures of nature and drive at the same time, but this was a big deal to me!I was reminded of Noah of course and how he saw the first rainbow (the prettiest of all nature creations in my opinion). Can you imagine what he felt inside of him when God threw that gorgeous bow of color in the sky? And now, we just take it for granted. I also thought of its predecessor, the rain. How can this relate to me? Well, then I began thinking…

There was 4 hours of rain before that rainbow. Four hours of difficulty and struggle driving down life’s road. But since I kept pushing through, I got see the rainbow at the very end. The Lord puts us in difficult situations not because He hates or or because He’s mad at us, but because He knows we can handle it and that we will come out stronger people because of it. We will see the rainbow that He had planned the whole time. Our minds don’t work like God’s and we can sometimes get impatient with Him and give up before the big finish.

He never promised that the cross would not get heavy

And the hill would not be hard to climb

He never offered our victories without fighting

But He said help would always come in time

Just remember when you’re standing in the valley of decision

And the adversary says “Give in.”

Just hold on, my Lord will show up

And He will take you through the fire again


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