A Little Clarity

I’m sure most of you are quite confused about my post regarding my callback with AMTC. I know this because I have had to explain my story multiple times to people at Union when they would ask “What is this “SHINE” thing?” Well, allow to shed a little bit of light on the subject 🙂

I received my callback for acting and commercial modeling the evening of my audition. What this means is:

  • For one year, I will go through acting and modeling training/coaching/curriculum. This is equivalent to a year’s worth of acting/modeling school. Most of this is online, but I will go to Atlanta for a Direct Education Weekend (DEW) in September for one-on-one and group coaching.
  • I will also receive a professional photo shoot at my DEW. These photos will be like the ones professional actors and models give out.
  • In July of 2012, I will travel to Orlando, FL to the Gaylord Palms Resort to the SHINE convention. At said convention, I will act and model for 50-100 professional agents, managers, and casting directors. Names will include ABC, Tyler Perry, MGM, Twentieth Century Fox, The New York Film Academy, The New York Conservatory of Dramatic Arts, Sherwood Pictures, and at least 43 more!
After SHINE is over, I can only pray that I receive callbacks. AMTC has a history and 65-70% of their talent receive callbacks within two weeks of their SHINE experience. THIS IS HUGE PEOPLE!

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