Street Preaching

This issue has been bothering me now for almost three weeks.

When the cast of Bye Bye Birdie! gathered at the Rockabilly Highway Revival to publicize the show, we all couldn’t help but notice the man on the steps of the courthouse scream-preaching to any who would listen. He was screaming at the top of his lungs. I couldn’t listen to most of it because we had to promote the show all down West Court Avenue. But, I did feel like I should say something about since another friend of mine did.

Men like the street preacher who stand on the street corners and scream-preach hell, fire, and damnation to the world are taking the wrong approach at winning souls to Christ. I, along with others, tend to avoid those kinds of people. Am I saying that we should preach Joel Osteen’s “Prosperity Gospel” that says God wants to bless you and you haven’t done anything wrong? Absolutley not! The aforementioned friend posted this as his Facebook status during that day: “The moron who screams preaching at the Selmer court square is his own testament as to why I don’t drink the church Kool-Aid around here.”

The sad thing is that he’s right. The screaming street preachers cannot win people to Christ if they themselves are constantly being avoided, not to mention the churches they come from. And as I type this, I find a Tweet from my youth minister in high school that sums this up rather well: “Sometimes things we think glorify God actually just make us seem disrespectful. We should check our background and motives.”


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