And that’s a wrap!!

Tonight, I completed nine weeks of absolute joy. There are only a few things that bring me “pure joy.” Bye Bye Birdie! is one of those few.

I have been blessed by this show. In every show I do with AiM, I make new friends and reunite with old friends. Those friends become family within the first week. I grow so close to these people. We learn about each other. We laugh. We cry. We DON’T fight. We make “Last Show Shenanigans.” And let me tell you; when you perform your last show and take that final bow, it’s pretty emotional. Tonight, during our final bow, the cast joined in one accord as we sang the final chorus of “Kids” walking off the stage. As we finished the song, we cheered backstage because of how AWESOME this show was!

I have 8 shows to my credit. And now, without a doubt, this is the best show I have ever done. I’ve been under five directors with four different theatre groups. Arts in McNairy is what community theatre should be like.

To my cast members, thank you for making this summer one to remember. I’ll never regret staying an extra month in McNairy County while I live in Georgia to do this musical. You are amazingly talented people that I’ve had the privilege of acting with.

“We love you AiM, oh yes we do! We love you AiM, and we’ll be true! When you’re not near us, we’re blue! Oh AiM we love you!!!!!!


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