Some Catching Up

Not too much has happened since Easter weekend other than horrible weather. We’ve had our fair share of tornadoes and rain and quite frankly, we’re tired of it. May has come and the April Showers need to realize that.

Bye Bye Birdie rehearsals are in full swing! Trips to Selmer occur 2-3 times a week. This will be much easier once those dreaded finals are over with. I’ve only been to two rehearsals and I already love my theatre family! The great thing about theatre is that you never do a show without meeting someone(s) new. Old friendships are strengthened and new friendships are born. I’ve already made at least 6 new friends. If you need some culture this summer, come on down to Selmer 🙂 Mark your calendars for June 10-14 to come see the show!

Wow. My life is pretty boring. That’s all I have to post.


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