The Call

Okay, so for those of you that have not heard by now, I surrendered to the call of the worship ministry last Sunday. I went forward at my home church today and made it public for my church to hold me accountable and to pray for me. I covet your prayers as well.

The Story

For years, I have had people telling me that I was going to be a music minister someday. Now granted, I love music with an intensely burning passion. There is NO doubt about that. However, I didn’t want to pursue a career in the music ministry just because a bunch of church people told me I should. I knew that it had to be a calling and anything besides that would no be God’s will for me. And when my brother surrendered two summers ago, people still said, “I’m just waiting on you to do this” or “I was expecting this out of you first.” Finally, I said to myself: “I’m not called. I’m going to be a nursing major and that’s that. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.” So I did.

After a semester and a half of brutal anatomy and physiology, God began working in my heart about it (around March). I had a small sense of it during my first semester, but nothing really significant. By April 17, God had sent 3 different men 3 days in a row who, no doubt, had God speaking through them. Only one of them spoke to me directly on Friday, April 14. He said, “Logan, what do you love more than anything in this world? How do you serve the Lord primarily? Would you be happy being a nurse if you knew God was calling you into the worship ministry?” Now, you talk about convicting!

That following Sunday, I heard God’s voice for the third time. I was afraid that if I didn’t respond then, that God would yank me up by my collar and scream it in my face! So I said, “God, I’m Your’s. Let’s go!”

The encouragement I have received since then has been extraordinary. From my college friends to my church family, there are too many to count on both hands and feet. All I can say is THANK YOU to all of you who encouraged me. I covet all your prayers and hope you will hold me accountable as I take this new step of faith. As my pastor told me this morning: “God doesn’t shine a spotlight down the entire path. He gives you a lantern for one step. You take that step, and He’ll hand you a lantern for the next one.”


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