? Things on Tuesday

Since it has been thirteen days since I last blogged, I titled this post with a question mark because I don’t know how many things I will talk about!

1. My new sign

This is the sign that I stick on the television when Black Ops takes over my living room and there is constant warfare for 6 hours.

2. Music, music, music!

See this? You are looking at a COMPLETELY organized notebook full of sheet music. In the last week, I have printed off over 60 pages of free sheet music. This adds up to about 43 songs. I guess you could say I have an obsession…

3. More music!

No picture for this on ya’ll. Sorry! Today, I officially changed my major to music with and emphasis in Christian studies. Total 180 from nursing, right? Yes I know. However, it is not because I was not smart enough for nursing (okay, just kidding, that had a large part to do with it!). On Sunday morning, I surrendered to the worship ministry. This has been working on my heart for about a month and a half. Through different people and circumstances, I have felt God pulling me in this direction. I had THREE different instances three days in a row this past weekend! I finally said, “God, I hear You loud and clear. Let’s go!” So we did 🙂

4. My new de-stress tool

For those of you that are stressed beyond your imagination, start doing word searches. They make my days so much better.


What school is awesome enough to get Tony Dungy to come speak? Union University. Who goes to this awesome school? Logan Brasher. WHO GOT TO GO HEAR HIM SPEAK FOR FREE? MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, Tony Dungy is an incredible speaker. He made so many valid points and to be honest, I was more impressed with him than I was Laura Bush. I told the group that I went with: “If he surprises this place with Payton Manning, I will charge on to stage, I will get arrested and ya’ll will have to find another ride home.” But he didn’t 😦


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