One Day Without Shoes


So, this post is a day late, so forgive me. I’ll be talking like it isn’t, k? K 🙂

At the end of this day, my feet are cold, sore, and dirty. Why? Maybe it’s because I walked the whole day with no shoes (except for when I went to the Imaging Center and into the Lex for food). Now why would I do something like that when it’s 45 degrees outside?

TOMS Shoes, Inc. has set aside one day  every April called One Day Without Shoes. The challenge is for people to go about their day without wearing shoes. Now for some, this is quite impossible for work reasons or health reasons, etc. Their drive behind this is to raise awareness for children around the world who have no shoes. I took part in it today and it has been an eye-opening experience.

I found myself saying periodically throughout the day, “I wish it wouldn’t have been this cold on the day they decided to do it…but their are kids around the world who walk without shoes in weather like this all the time” or “My feet are so sore…but you know what? There’s a child somewhere who has a disease in his feet because he has no shoes to wear.”

God, forgive me for complaining about my laundry list of minute things compared to the huge problems experienced by children and adults around the world. Help me always to remember how blessed I am and to always remember those less fortunate than I. Bless those people today and remind them of your boundless, eternal, and indescribable love for them.


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