Cultural Weekend…and new friends!

I had such a great weekend. I really boosted my culture points by seeing not 1, but 2 plays!

On Friday night, I traveled to Selmer to support my lovely friends in Arts in McNairy (AiM) who were putting on a production of “Big Bad,” a story about a lawsuit against the Big Bad Wolf for his terrors against the Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks, Red Riding Hood, and others. The audience was the jury and as for my audience, we decided that the wolf was innocent.

The next day, my friends Emily and Allie Pitts and I were planning on meeting for coffee. Finding out that the coffee shop closed at 2, we resorted to going to their house and playing the piano/singing for 2 straight hours of Broadway tunes. I love that when the three of us get together, we can be music dorks with no shame…not like we’re ashamed of it anyway 🙂

That night, my friend Rena and I went to Corinth to see my sweet friend Libby Moore perform in The Wizard of Oz. She did a spectacular job, and as the custom goes, I gave her a single pink rose after her performance. After the show, Rena and I went to Wendy’s with Libby and her friend (and my new friend) Chalice. We had such a good time and I believe I’ll go home (to McNairy County) some more now that I have some new friends 🙂


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