Well, spring break has come and gone and what is left:  a tanned/sunburned/tired/broke Logan! My friends and I had such a great time in Myrtle Beach this past week. The ocean water was about 50 degrees, so once it got up to my knees, I made my way back to my towel in the sand to work on my tan…hey that rhymed! The pool wasn’t bad though if you got in around noon to 2. And then there was always the hot tub!

Myrtle Beach has this neat place called Broadway at the Beach. Ironic as it is, there isn’t one live show in the 350 acres that comprise the place. B@B is kind of a mix of World Showcase (EPCOT) and Main Street U.S.A. (Magic Kingdom) at Disney World all piled into one. There are shops mini-golf and restaurants and movie theaters and gift shops everywhere so there is no time to be bored at all. We spent two nights roaming around that place. Great place to find souvenirs and gifts for your family/friends back home!

And, out of all of us guys, the youngest one of us, Carlisle, managed to get FOUR girls’ numbers while he was there. I let him know that he was living up to his name that I gave him back in May of last year: Captain Casinova. However, Miss Kailyn Lovelace, who he tirelessly worships, did not approve of this behavior…

All in all, we had a great time and I am glad to be back in Chattooga County!


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