Junior/Senior DPA

Quinten and Eve after he won president


Okay, since all my Tennessee people were done with 4-H by 6th grade, let me explain how one particular 4-H event works here in Georgia.

District Project Acheivement (DPA) is probably the highlight of the 4-H fiscal year. Each 4-Her chooses an area of expertise and prepares a demonstration/performance to be judged on in March. These projects are a year’s worth of preparation and also require a portfolio to be sent in before DPA (half the score). Chattooga County (where I live) is in the Northwest District of the state of Georgia and our DPA was this weekend at Rock Eagle 4-H center in Eatonton, GA. Let’s just say that it was a good wekend to be from Chattooga County!

We had 5 students place first or second in their category, which means they advance to the state level (State Congress) to compete against others from the 3 other districts. Quinten played and sang and won 2nd, qualifying him for State Congress. Natalie (who played the drums) placed 3rd and had a score of 229/240. I’d say they did pretty well for their first time.

But the highlight of the weekend was campaigning for Northwest Senior Board which is basically a board of trustees for our district. Quinten decided to run back in December and since then, put his speech into a song and played his guitar for 400 4-Hers and you could tell it was well-received. Well, he also had two signs and had to go around the camp campaigning for himself, just like a political candidate would. We all predicted that he would make board, but we didn’t expect how much.

My brother, who has never done anything in 4-H past public speaking, was elected PRESIDENT of the NORTHWEEST DISTRICT SENIOR BOARD!!!!!!!!!!! This means that he received more votes than any other person running (34 to be exact). I also hear he won by a margin of about 20 votes 🙂

Old and New Senior Board

Told you it was a good day to be from Chattooga County 🙂


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