Four on Friday

It’s time for Four on Friday!

1. I got a new haircut today. My stylist, Jennifer, didn’t have any spots open for tomorrow and I was pretty desperate. Luckily, we have a girl on campus who cuts hair REALLY cheap and it’s free for your first time! Well, I’m a college student. Cheap/free+college student=VICTORY! Although it’s MUCH shorter than I normally have it, I kinda like it. Maybe she’s started something…

2. In preparation for my Orpheum trip in Memphis, I went to The Ned in downtown Jackson to see a production of Beauty and the Beast by the drama department of Trinity Christian Academy. I must say, for a high school drama department, I was impressed. I was also entertained by a little girl sitting next to us who danced to every song and told us who the princess was! She’s an actress in the making!

3. Sophisticated Harmony is making its debut appearance this weekend in Adamsville! I will be playing at the Marty Boosey Performing Arts Center (Adamsville Community Center/The Marty) on March 5 at 7 pm for the Miss Adamsville pageant. This is something I’ve done since 2009, but it’s the first time with my new title! Come by and say hi!

4. This isn’t an actual event this past week, but…I really miss my high school friends. I talked with the lovely Brittany Bishop on Wednesday night about my whole scholarship ordeal and it made me miss them so bad. You don’t realize until about 2-3 weeks before graduation how much you really loved those people all along. I don’t see them near enough anymore. It’s hard to get used to once you’ve been together for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, and 180 days a year, plus some for specific friends. If you’re a high school student, especially junior or senior, start savoring the time you have with your friends now. Because once May 19, 20, or 21 gets here, it could be the last time you see them…



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