“Great is Thy faithfulness, Lord unto me.”

My God is one big God!

On Monday night, my grandmother called me to inform me that a letter came from TSAA (Tennessee Student Assistance Award) stating that I was not eligible for TSAA because my parents lived in Georgia. My understanding of that was I wasn’t getting the HOPE scholarship or grants for next year, crushing my graduation dreams of Union. I went to my RA’s room and he and his roommates prayed over me and afterward, I felt a little better.

The next day, I started preparing myself for a transfer to Shorter. I wrote down the address and name on my personalized notecard and stuck it in the back of my pocket. I told my supervisor, Mrs. Suzzie, about my dilemma and she felt my pain and told me that I should talk to John Wyndham, an enrollment rep whom I work with.

Well, later on when I was telling my high school guidance counselor about it, I went to pull my card out and couldn’t find it. I remembered the address though, so I gave it to her.

I went back to work around 3 and Mrs. Suzzie had my notecard and told me that John (the same one) had found it on the floor. He noticed the school name and proceeded to inquire about it with Mrs. Suzzie. She told him my predicament and he recommended that I talk to Heather Higdon in Financial Planning. As it turns out, the HOPE scholarship/grants are not part of TSAA and I’m not losing anything! I’m at Union for the next 3 years!!!!!!!!!

I kept telling people that I can’t leave because I have too much Union paraphernalia to go anywhere else!

If that’s not God stepping in and saying, “Logan, I got this,” then I don’t know what is!



2 thoughts on ““Great is Thy faithfulness, Lord unto me.”

  1. I am Emily’s Mother ans she has told me all about you . So proud she has found a friend in such a sweet young man of God . Thanks for studying with her . God is sooo good.


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