Surprise Weekend

My “great son” points skyrocketed this weekend when I was at home.

I decided that I was going to surprise my family and come home without telling them. They weren’t expecting me until March 11. I made sure (through Lisa and Virginia Bryant) that my parents would be home when I pulled in. Once I got there, I called my mom and talked as if I was just calling at the end of the day. Then I said, “Instead of me telling you about my week on the phone, why don’t I just tell you in person?” At that point, I walked in the door and I’ve never seen/heard my mom so excited in her life!! It was so great to see that look of surprise and excitement on my mom’s face 🙂

It was a great weekend with my church family as well. And I have this to look forward to: I get to worship with them on March 13, 20, and 27…three weeks in a row!!!


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