Peter Pan

If any of you know me well at all, you know that I LOVE J.M. Barrie’s story of Peter Pan. Ever since I was little and watched the Disney classic at my Nana’s, I have gotten excited anytime I was able to watch a movie adaptation or see a play. You should have seen me at Disney World when I met him!

Well, what most of you probably don’t know is that in 1954, a Broadway musical was created with the music of Mark Charlap, Jule Styne, and Carolyn Leigh. In 1960, NBC sent out a live broadcast of the show on national TV and it was put on VHS tape. I had seen the recording on VHS tape YEARS AGO because for some reason, the Avon Store in Adamsville has shelves full of them. Why? Good question. But over the years, the tape was misplaced and lost in space. My friend Sarah Essary recently skyrocketed her friend points by showing me her book of all the music from the show! She was a sweetheart and happily made me copies of the music 🙂 I searched this past week for a DVD rendition but was unsuccessful…until today! I found a very inexpensive DVD on and to say the least, I’M ECSTATIC!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aside from Peter Pan for a moment, I’m hosting future Union students this weekend who are part of the Scholars of Excellence program. In other words, these are people smarter than me who are competing for more scholarship money than I got 🙂 I’m hosting 2 students from Alabama and they’ve enjoyed themselves quite a bit since coming here!

And, per the request of Kailyn Marie Lovelace, I went to Selmer/Corinth and spent some much-needed quality time with my best friend, Kailyn, and a lot of high school friends. I take advantage of any time I get to see these awesome people.




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