Wow! It’s been almost a week since I’ve blogged! I didn’t realize it had been that long. But, I’m pretty sure you did not stop your lives until you received an update on my life 🙂

The snow has come and gone, classes were canceled, and now we’re looking forward to temps in the 60s this week. Only in Tennessee, I know. Trust me, all of us here at Union are ready for it. It makes us think, “Hey, there is another season besides winter!” We’re all pretty excited to be able to wear jeans and tee shirts with no jackets to class. That is, of course, unless our professors are meanie poopyheads and turn on the AC. But we’ll just have to see!

I went to my first ever Union Bulldog basketball game yesterday at Freed Hardeman in Henderson. For those who don’t know, Freed Hardeman is Union’s rivals. I thought a new rival would have to grow on me. By the middle of the girls’ game, I realized I was wrong. Our girls were unbeaten and No. 1 in the NAIA going into the game. The game was close the whole time and at the very end, my sweet friend Meribeth Boehler (FHU) made a buzzer shot and beat us by two. It was sad to lose to them, but I was super-excited for Meribeth.

I also got the privilege of being selected as a student host during the Scholars of Excellence weekend here at Union! Scholars of Excellence are the prospective Union students who are in competition for the highest available scholarships offered at Union. I get to host two of them. What this means is when they are not in interviews, I’ll get to show them around campus, eat with them, and they will crash in my room for the night. I’m pretty excited about this!

Today was my first day back in choir at Englewood. I’ve missed those people so much over the break. It was nice to hear Travis say, “Welcome back Mr. Brasher!” when he saw me sitting there today. It’s comforting to know that in a church of 2,700, your worship pastor knows your first and last name.

Well, that was a ton of information and this week is sure to bring more. I’ll check back in soon, but until then, HAVE A GLORIOUS WEEK!


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