Remember my post about having good days? Today was another one of those days.

I woke up this morning for my 8 o’clock class, right? As I was watching the Today Show, like I do every morning, my roommate Daniel asks me if I’ve seen the weather radar for today. I said no and he replies, “We are going to get slaughtered with snow today.”

Well, I didn’t think anything of it. I got my umbrella since it was raining and walked to class. After it was over, I looked out the glass doors and saw snowflakes the size of golfballs! I got a little excited then. Well, I went to Fitness at 9 and I could see out the door from my seat and within 30 minutes, the ground was white. As I left, I had to put my umbrella in front of me to block all the snow from coating my clothes because of the wind!

I come back to my dorm and start studying for Anatomy and Physiology (just in case we have a quiz). While I’m studying, I receive a text from UUalerts claiming that classes are canceled starting at noon. That is all fine and dandy…except when I have an 11 o’clock class all the way across campus in the blizzard! But, at 10:30, I received an email from my professor canceling the class which meant I had the rest of the day off!!!!!!!!

Well, snow days for me usually consist of a good mix of playtime and relaxation time. I spent 4 hours relaxing in my dorm. Then at 2:00, I raced outside bundled up for fun in the Heritage courtyard. As I was walking, my RA called my name and I joined the Dehoney Snowball Militia. Our strategy was to pick out one person, grab two snowballs, sing half a verse of Kum Ba Yah, and then attack! It worked very well. After about 4 times, we called it quits and I went and built a snowman with my friends Britney Partain and Chelsea Cothran.

And to top this whole day off, Miranda and I got our tickets to see “Beauty and the Beast” at the Orpheum in June!!!!!!!


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