Super Bowl Sunday

This Sunday, the night of the Super Bowl, I was granted the privilege of having 4 of my friends from UTM come see me: Miranda Martin, Hannah Sexton, Brittany Bishop, and Hilary Combs. I also had some Union friends hop on over to Dehoney for the game: Britney Partain, Adam Stanford, and Landon Nipp. I hosted my first ever Super Bowl party and without a doubt, it was a great success! Brittany, Hannah, Miranda, and Hilary were excited about watching the game on my 65-inch big screen TV (the kind that sits on the floor). We had tortillas chips with cheesy rotel, popcorn, my homemade chips, and a Hershey’s cream pie! After our Packers won the game (YAY!), Brittany, Hannah, Hilary, Ryan (my roommate), and I had ourselves a Nerf war (pictures soon to come). A fun time was had by all!

I love when my friends come visit me 🙂


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