Just a good day

Have you ever encountered those rare days when everything was just peachy? Today was one of those days for me.

To start off with, I got to sleep in today because my first class was not until 12:15. Once I did get up, I checked my email and found out that I had gotten a job on campus! I will be doing data entry for the Financial Planning office here at Union. I’m so stoked about that!

So, after those two moments of joy, I ate lunch with my good friends Beth Murphy and Britney Partain. Good conversation and semi-good food make for a happy Logan. Once lunch was over, I headed to my two classes for the day and loved both of them! My professors are fantastic and I can’t wait for Tuesday of next week. And it doesn’t stop there!

I come back to my room and open my Union email and find out that I made University Handbells! I think it’s pretty neat that this ole boy who’s never played handbells in his life has professors that are brave enough to let him try!!!

“Today just might be, one of those days” -Quinten Brasher


2 thoughts on “Just a good day

  1. It’s so good to hear from you on these great da-e-a-e-ays, Sweetie! You have such a positive attitude about life, and it is contageous. I’m glad to know you are so happy at Union. That keeps a mom from wasting time worrying. Love you so much!!!


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