Snow much fun!

The hopeful prediction of snow lasted for about a week. All of us Chattooga countians knew snow was on the way. What we were not aware of was the amount!

On Sunday night, mom, dad, and I looked out the window to see bookoos of snow falling from the sky and accumulating on our front yard. We woke up Monday morning to find SEVEN INCHES of snow on the ground! This was the most snow Georgia has seen since the blizzard of 1993. Well, just like any kid would do, we went to the home of some of some of our friends, the Bryants, and made a good snow day. Alex, Virginia, and I wrestled in the snow and then went inside for snow cream and pajama time.

The day only got better when the our friends the Koonces invited us to their house for sledding! What a great time we had! They have a huge hill with a snow-made ramp. 4 sleds, a kneeboard, and a garbage can lid can amount to more fun than you can imagine. Hopefully my pictures can depict what we did!

Every once in a while, we would get tired of sledding and commence to wrestling and throwing snowballs!


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