A Partial-Swan Reunion

Since I’m on Christmas vacation until February and my other college friends have at least another week off, my best friend, Miranda, and I (also known as Swan 1 & 2) decided to surprise our high school piano teacher with a visit yesterday. Bro. John (also known as Papa Swan) could not have been more surprised when he saw us in the parking lot of Savannah Christian Academy. We were definitely two people he was not planning on seeing that day. We reminisced and talked about life for at least an hour and had such a great time of fellowship.

Now, I’m sure many of you are curious as to why swans are heavily mentioned in this post. Allow me to tell you a story that has become SO meaningful for several people.

In March of 2009, Bro. John Simmons and his wife, Cindy, took 3 star students to the Piano Competition at UT Martin. Those three students were Miranda Martin, Mary Margaret Reynolds, and myself. We did not go to compete, but to simply observe. Bro. John asked all three of us to bring a notebook to take notes on each performance. At one point, a high school Asian-American student took the stage and was very expressive with his performance. Mary Margaret, being the unpredictable girl that she is, took this down: “Be the swan!” As if that wasn’t bad enough, Mrs. Cindy was sitting next to her and the both of them (and eventually, all of us) ended up laughing hysterically during the student’s performance.

From that day forward, Bro. John and Mrs. Cindy were known as “Papa and Mama Swan” and Miranda, Mary Margaret, and me were known as the “little swans.” We all have a signal that we send to each other that resembles the flapping of wings.In our senior recital, all three of us signaled Papa Swan before our last performance. Needless to say, all 5 of us had wet eyes by the time it was over.

Oh how I miss those times!


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