State Weekend: Part 2

WE WON!!!!!!!

Yes my friends, they did it again! The Adamsville Band won their SIXTH state title, this one being the second in a row. Not only did they win it, but they broke the record AGAIN for the highest score in Division 1 history with a 93.7. It doesn’t get much better than that!








The alumni decided to go a little Cardinal Crazy and apply the proper amount of war paint!








We had a ball if you can’t tell!

I was especially proud of my girl, Kelsey (drum major). Her performance last night was the best she has ever done. I’ve never seen her more excited. After we were allowed on the field after the announcement of the champion(A-VILLE!), she came rushing towards me and hugged me for the longest time. I was with her when she won her first one and she was with me when I won my first one. She’s my girl and I couldn’t be prouder!!




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