Defying Gravity

Most of you know of my obsession with Broadway. Well this week, I added another show to my VERY short list of Broadway shows seen live. Wicked!

My sweet cousins, Laura and David, had offered to try and win me two tickets to see Wicked through the Wicked lottery. For those of you who are mortified at that statement, let me explain.

 1. Show up 2.5 hours before the show and put your name in a rotating bucket FOR FREE.

2. Wait 30 minutes and listen for your name during the drawing.

3. If your name is drawn, you are given the opportunity to buy 1-2 orchestra seats for $25 a piece.

That’s what my best friend, Miranda, and me tried to do because Laura and David couldn’t be there that night. Well, we didn’t win, even with both our names. However, I REALLY wanted to see this show because I had brought Miranda all that way and really wanted to make this special. So, I bought two upper balony tickets for Thursday night’s show. Well, we snooped around Beale St and the Peabody Hotel for a little while, ate at Lenny’s Sub Shop, and went and saw the show. We were one row from the top, but we enjoyed it nonetheless. The show was FANTASTIC!! It always amazes me that these extremely talented actors/actresses are underrated for their talent. While they could be in Hollywood making movies surrounded by the paparazzi, they choose to sing on stage, not make as much money, and avoid the press.

After the show, we stayed the night with David and Laura and baby Jude. They were so hospitable and made us feel right at home.


We also did a little snooping around Beale St and Peabody Pl, visiting BB King’s Blue’s Cafe, The Peabody Hotel, and Elvis Presley Plaza!

To view all my pictures from the trip, click this link:


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