Yesterday, I made a rough decision with someone I love very much. It took a lot of courage and guts for the both of us to go through with this. While it’s REALLY hard right now, we both believe that it’s for the best.

Although it’s only been one day, I’ve learned two things from this situation.

  1. If God doesn’t want us together, He must have someone SO MUCH BETTER in place for the both of us.

This girl is one in a million and ANY guy would be lucky to have her. I thought that this girl was the one I was supposed to marry (and she still might be). But, for now, the Lord’s plan is that we be separated.

2. I’m not in a relationship because someone else has our future planned for us; I’m in a relationship because of what the Lord has granted for me.

Something that I struggled with in that relationship was being obligated to stay. There were several people that we knew who had plans for us that we ought not consider at our stage in our relationship. My relationship with someone is based on Christ’s plan, not someone else’s.


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