So, I might be posting a lot early on. But that is just because I have a lot to talk about. This one is about my lovely university 🙂

College is GREAT! Ever since I got here on August 20th, it has been NOTHING short of amazing. I have made so many friends. Classes are descent. And the people here are SO nice. On my way to every class, it never fails to hear someone greet me. The ladies are treated well by the men.  The campus is so cozy and makes me feel like I’m at home, even though I’m really 5 hours away from my parents’ residence. But, I’ve recently taken on a new quote that will stick to me as long as I live:

“Home” is where you are surrounded by the people you love.

Now isn’t that right? Whether I’m at Union, Summerville, GA, or Adamsville, TN, I can assure that I’ll always be right at home.



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